First Auburn Game Without Famous Oaks


By Josh Ninke

Auburn is a school that runs deep with tradition. And just because the oaks aren't here, doesn't mean their tradition won't live on. 

It's only been about four months since the Toomer's Corner oaks were cut down after being poisoned. Fans haven't had a chance to watch the team play in Jordan-Hare since that day. But the University says the rolling will continue.
"I think that people will gather there after the game. I think that going to Toomer's Corner and gathering and carrying on that tradition will continue. Fans are going to roll something," said Mike Clardy, Auburn University's Director of Communications.  
And that something is a network of wires put up as a temporary fix. The university plans on bringing in new trees next year, but fans still feel like something is missing. 
"You know I love my school and I love my town, either way. But it is kind of sad. Even today walking to lunch it feels like something is not quite the same. You don't even have to be from auburn to be an auburn fan to know that something is missing from the scene," said lifelong fan Jill Moore.
Taylor Lowe is a new student at Auburn this year. He's a big football fan and he's disappointed that he missed the famous trees. 
"I've always heard about the Alabama Auburn rivalry and I think the biggest upset I've ever heard happened this past year when Toomer's Corner died. I never got to experience it. Never rolled it, never took part in the tradition. But from the reactions around here it's a crucial part of the town," said Lowe.
But the Auburn spirit stays strong. The new season brings a new coach, and the Auburn tigers are hoping that change will be a good thing and they can improve on their 3-9 record from last year. 
"It is a new day, lots of things are different. Obviously with a new coaching staff, a lot of optimism on the field. Without the trees, it's a new day up there too," said Clardy. 

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