First Day At Troy University


By Sarah Cantey

It's just the first day of many Troy students college careers. But they're already looking ahead to the career that comes after graduation.

It's back to the books for thousands of Troy University students- working to get a degree to join a job market that is looking up.

Jacob Bushaw, a freshman said, "Well it seems like everything is getting a lot better, houses are popping up all over the place, which I've always hear is a good sign so it's looking good."

In fact the numbers show a drop in Alabama's unemployment rate, down 0.03 percent to 6.5 in June. The economy might be improving, but high demand majors like nursing are still attracting students.

Chasidee Moultry, a freshman said, "I just feel like it is a job that is always going to be there so that is why I chose that major."

Alabama's unemployment rate is below the nation's average of 7.4 percent. But, freshman hope during their four years of school things will get even better.

James Mack, a freshman said, "You know I am pretty confident. There is always going to be pessimism out there about the economy but it cant stay bad for ever is my opinion. And you just got to look at it in a good light and you know hope for the best."

According to U.S. News and World Report College Rankings, about 71 percent of freshman will come back for their second year.

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