Former Auburn Quarterback Charlie Trotman Reacts to Malzahn Hiring


By Jessica Gertler

CBS 8 News caught up with former Tiger quarterback Charlie Trotman to get his reaction to the hiring of Gus Malzahn as Auburn's new head football coach.

Trotman says Malzahn is a good choice, because of his innovative mind.

There was a lot of concern this season that Auburn would lose some of its top recruits, but Trotman says that won't happen under Malzahn.

He says he will excite and attract recruits like Carver High School quarterback Jeremy Johnson.

"I think Gus Malzahn being the coach is going to bring a lot of Auburn people together, because he's somebody that we remember from the National Championship," says Trotman. "I think he is the right choice. I am happy that he is going to be the coach, because I think players are going to like it. I think players are going to enjoy playing for him. I think his biggest hire is going to be who his defensive coordinator is."

Trotman says if Malzahn can hire a good, solid defensive coordinator then he says it will work out for the Tigers.

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