Former Mayor Bobby Bright Considers Alabama Senate Seat


By Catalina Trivino

Bobby Bright may be ready to jump back into politics -- Bright served as Montgomery Mayor and a Congressman and now he's thinking about running for the legislature.

Bobby Bright has disappeared from the public eye ever since he lost his re-election bid to Congress three years ago. But after serving in city hall and on Capitol Hill, he may want to come to the Alabama State House.

Bobby Bright has his eye on the District 30 seat in the Alabama Senate -- that's the seat Bryan Taylor will be leaving after deciding he doesn't want to run next year. Bright wasn't available to go on camera, but he says he is interested in serving the people.
In a statement, he tells us: "If I did this, my primary concerns are to bring good paying jobs to Alabama, as I did in Montgomery. It's also important to spend people's tax payer money as if it were my own and cut out wasteful spending."

"Wow." Said Jeff Barranco when we told him Bright was interested in the seat. "Definitely... Bobby Bright, any of those candidates would be great as long as from my perspective they come in wanting to promoting business."

Bright says if he runs, he'll switch to the Republican Party. That would put him in a primary battle against at least two people. One is Harris Garner, who owns Garner Electric in Millbrook. He says he's the best candidate... with or without Bright in the race.

"I think that I can have a good look a the way that we need to look at in a common sense way to run our state Government," Said Garner.

Another candidate is Suzelle Josey, a former spokesperson for Chief Justice Roy Moore. She wants to be the missing voice in the state senate, which has no republican women.

"Competition is the American way... and just like any other campaign race that I have been involved in, we will give it everything we have and continue to work hard," Said Josey.

Bright tells us he still has more research to do and wants to make some calls before he makes a decision. But he says if the people say they want him to run and he has that support. He just may do it.

Under redistricting, the district next year will cover parts of Autauga, Chilton, Coosa and Elmore counties.

Alabama News Network will keep you updated on Bright's decision.

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