Four Players, Parent Arrested in Goshen Post-Football Game Brawl


By Brittany Bivins

Four Goshen High School football players and a parent are charged with second degree assault following a skirmish after a football game against Pike County High School Thursday night.

Investigators arrested 36-year-old James Simmons Tuesday afternoon. They also issued arrest warrants for four Goshen players, although their names will not be released because of their ages.

Officials are still trying to piece together what happened, but they say the brawl began between a few players immediately following the game inside the locker room. When a coach tried to intervene, Simmons also got involved. Pike County Sheriff's officials say the five are facing felony counts, because the case involves an alleged assault of a school employee while on the job.

There's no word yet on how the arrests will affect this year's football team or whether the players will face expulsion. Pike County school administrators said they are in the process of making those decisions, following the completion of the sheriff's investigation.

Investigators say they are still interviewing witnesses this week and could not rule out any future arrests.

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