Four Suspects Arrested in Thomaston Home Invasion


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom-- A home invasion in Marengo County lands two men and two boys behind bars. Authorities say Terrance Steele and his brother Jeremy Steele face robbery and burglary charges. The men were arrested along with two juveniles for a home invasion in Thomaston. Authorities say the men broke in on a 92 year old woman and her caregiver about a week ago and robbed the caregiver at gunpoint. "Actually broke a glass out of the pane on the front door, reached in and unlocked it, it woke the caregiver up, she was asleep right there in the den and she tried to push the den ddor back keep one of them out, he had stuck his leg up in the door, reached around and threatened to shoot her with the gun so she backed up," said Thomaston Mayor Jeff Laduron. Authorities say since their arrests-- the suspects have confessed to several other burglaries in the area. "They committed a burglary prior to this home invasion where they went in and they stole two guns one of the guns of which they used in this home invasion," Clint Sumlin with the 17th Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force. Sumlin says more arrests are possible.

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