Fourth of July Fireworks Safety


By Ellis Eskew

The 4th of july means fireworks.... But unfortunately it's that time of year where emergency rooms see a lot of activity.

According to officials, an estimated 9 thousand people are burned every year around this time.
Taking the fireworks into your own hands can be dangerous and even deadly.

Dr. Steven O'Mara is the ER Director at Jackson Hospital. He says he sees it all the time.

"Every year we'll have somebody burned from it. Sometimes minor, a firecracker going off near, where they get a burn or bottle rocket takes off and lands in their clothing or in a shoe and burns them," said Dr. O'Mara.

The Montogmery Fire Department reminds you that it is illegal to set off fireworks in many areas in our region... including Montgomery city limits.

If you do set them off yourself, Montgomery Fire Department reminds you to supervise children and make sure you always fire them properly, away from others.


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