Friends Shocked By Montgomery's 34th Homicide


By Josh Ninke

Antavious Butler, who was known as Trap to his friends who gave us this picture, was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene.

Darlene Pettis lives just a few houses over and heard the shots. 

She says she's always felt safe in her neighborhood. 
"Safety has never really been a big issue out here for us. Yes it's scary what happened, especially because it was literally a house over. There could have been a stray bullet," said Pettis. 
Others are just as surprised at the violence, not only because of the area, but the city as well. 
"When you look at Montgomery as a whole, things have gotten out of control over the past few years but this is something that you never expect, someone you know," said Kareem Ballard, a friend of Butler's. 
His friends say his favorite spot was this gas station near his home. People there had nothing but good things to say about him.
"I know he was a great guy, a wonderful person. And I loved the guy to death. I've been upset all day," said another friend, Terrence Johnson.
"It's horrible that all these babies are dying. He's not age 24, he's still a baby. They're too young to be dying. People don't realize what taking a gun and shooting and killing does to everybody else," said Louise Fletcher, who watched him grow up. 
These two young men said he was a role model for not only them, but all the kids in the community. 
"He kept us in line, kept us out of trouble. He cut grass for people, I mean he was a nice person. He never did nothing wrong to nobody," said T.K.

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