Furloughed Workers Return To Maxwell AFB


By Alabama News Network

It hasn't been long since the government opened back up, but things are looking busy again on Maxwell Air Force Base.

The base celebrated wingman day, hosting team building excercises between military and civilian workers.

But it hasn't been easy waiting for 16 days.
SOT (christine Prewitt, Deputy director for mission support group)
"The furlough was very difficult. It took people who wanted to work away. There was a lot of concern and uncertainty about pay. And when we would come back and get back to business. We're delighted to be back and glad that things are starting to get back to normal,"  said Christine Prewitt, Deputy Director for Mission Support Group
Michael Ritz was one of the furloughed workers. He says he wasn't sure how long the base could have kept up with so much work and so few people. And he's worried that this could happen again, with the government needing a long term budget fix by the start of next year. 
"We had personnel who picked up for us and were doing the job. My personal opinion is in the short run that'll work, but they are stressed. You have a greatly reduced staff," said Ritz.
And with that reduced staff, that meant that projects and goals had to be cut.
"A lot of things flat out didn't happen. There are a lot of things that we pushed back. After the end of the year closeout we have not spent a penny on anything. There are a lot of contracts that haven't been let, there are a lot of different projects that we should have been working that we have not been able to get to. It's just been very difficult," said Prewitt.

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