Gene Stallings In Montgomery for Children's Fundraiser


By Ellis Eskew

Former Alabama head football coach Gene Stallings spoke Thursday night at a fundraiser for Magic Moments, a non-profit organization that helps make dreams come true for children with illnesses.

Fans of Coach Gene Stallings lined up at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts for a chance to shake the legend's hand and get a snapshot to capture this special occasion.

"I want to meet him for winning a national championship. And I just admire him," said 8th grader Hunter Langston.

From young fans... To old friends, they all got a chance to speak with Stallings.

 "It's really good and great because we have a relationship. My grandfather and him coached together," said 13 year old Austin Bradshaw.

The Bradshaws go way back with the coach. Charlie Bradshaw coached with Stallings and helped lead them to the national championship in 1961. Mrs. Bradshaw has a special place in her heart for Stallings, who she affectionately calls "Beebs".

"I'm thrilled to see him, and I was thrilled for my grandson to meet Beebs. Beebs is special. It's an honor to me to just see him again," said Martha Bradshaw.

But the real reason Stallings was here was not to talk football.

"Probably won't talk much about football. I'm not coaching anymore. I'm interested in the games. I watch games. But as for when I speak from time to time, I never mention football," said Stallings.

That's because the real issue of the night is something that's even closer to the legendary coach's heart.

"I have a child with special needs. And a little bit of kindness that was shown to him from time to time was important to me. I appreciate what these ladies are doing, and that's the reason I'm here," said Stallings.

And that's a worthy cause that Larry Lee says he came to support.

"I think anybody helping children is doing the Lord's work. And any way I could help in that cause, I'm glad to," said Lee.

The Women of Influence organization put the event on Thursday night.

They say all proceeds raised from the dinner will go to help Magic Moments make dreams come true for Alabama children.


For more information about Magic Moments, click here.

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