Georgiana Mayoral Candidates Prepare For Tuesday's Run-Off


By Catalina Trivino


In South Alabama, campaigning for mayor of Georgiana is coming to a close as two candidates face each other in tomorrow's run-off.

It's a race that started with five candidates. And now, two candidates with different ideas on how to revitalize the town of Georgiana will face each other in a run-off for the mayor's seat.

Larry Creech is the owner of a service center and grocery store in Georgiana. He says he has attended nearly every city council meeting over the last 9 years -- helping him become more knowledgeable about Georgiana's needs.

"My goal is to get everybody on the same track of music, informing the people of what we are going to be doing, giving them a good outline [of] details of why we need to do it, and also, in return, give them good details on how we can pay for it," Said Creech, who has lived in Georgiana for the last twelve years.

But he faces a tough challenge from teacher and football coach, Jerome Antone. He says 29 years of working in the public sector makes him the more qualified candidate.

"It's not just one thing that I have as experience -- it's numerous things I have of experience, besides the health department and things of that nature. Education... dealing with children. I have worked with kids, [and] send them off on scholarships," Said the Demopolis educator, Antone.

Both candidates are focused on revitalizing businesses and updating infrastructure in town. Creech says his main focus is the future of the Georgiana Bypass.

"We need to capitalize on the people coming north and south," Said Creech about the bypass located on a stretch off of highway 106 (and set to be complete by early 2013). "That is our life-line of business and we'll be working harder than we have ever thought about working for that." Creech says he is eyeing the bypass because it is about two miles away from Interstate 65 -- something he says is potential for business opportunity.

In addition to revitalizing downtown business, Antone hopes to fix an issue facing Georgiana's youth.

"Here in Georgiana, we have a high drop-out rate and we want to fix that drop-out rate by bringing new programs to the city such as the GED program," Said Antone.

Both candidates say they hope to bring more recreation to Georgiana and more community events, including more activites for young people in Georgiana. Only eight votes separated the candidates during August's election.

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