Gov. Robert Bentley to Seek Second Term


By Alabama News Network

Gov. Robert Bentley says he'll seek a second term as governor in next year's election.

The announcement was made by e-mail.

Bentley says the state has experienced hardship, yet enjoyed success since he took office in 2011.

He says Alabama's unemployment rate was 9.3% back then but is now down to 7.3%.

Bentley says he's three-quarters of the way to his goal of saving taxpayers more than $1 billion by the end of his first term without raising taxes.

The Republican primary will be June 4, 2014.

As for people Bentley could face in the primary, House Speaker Mike Hubbard says he has no plans to run. Bradley Byrne, who ran in 2010, says he hasn't decided what he will do. Tim James, who also ran, says he's not running now, but you never say never.

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