Governor Bentley Responds To ASU Audit


By Alabama News Network

Governor Robert Bentley has called a meeting for Board of Trustees for ASU next Monday. And he says it's very important to him that the university be as transparent as possible. 

The university is still dealing with the results of an audit that found evidence of fraud and misspending, specifically by trustees Elton Dean and Marvin Wiggins, as well as former trustee Larry Lemak.
Governor Bentley hasn't had an opportunity to review the results of the audit with the Alabama State yet. That's his main goal for next Monday's meeting. 
"I want to get their feedback. I want the board to take their responsibility seriously. They're the governing body of the university and I want them to take their responsibility seriously," said Gov. Bentley. 
No one from ASU was available to talk about what they're goals are, but they released a statement saying, "Alabama State University is making the same preparation for Gov. Bentley's specially called meeting of its Board on Monday, as it makes at all of its ASU Board of Trustees meetings, which is to handle the business of the University."
ASU Trustee Board Chairman Elton Dean said last week that he had an agreement with the governor that ASU would get to see the results before they were released. Governor Bentley says that isn't true.
"I had no agreement with anyone. They may have talked with someone else possibly in my office but it was not with me," said Gov. Bentley. 
But the governor says he hasn't used all the authority that he has, both as president of the board and governor.
"I can bring anybody that spends taxpayers money, any institution before me and they have to testify under oath. This is some authority that I have as governor. Now I am working with them as the president of the board of trustees. I want the board to do this," said Gov. Bentley. 
He says his main priority is getting things back on track at ASU.

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