Governor Bentley Selling Alabama in Paris


By Alabama News Network

Governor Robert Bentley is leaving this week to sell Alabama to businesses on another continent.

He'll be joining delegations from across the state at the Paris Air Show in France. 

While a trip to Paris might sound like a great chance to do some sightseeing, the governor wanted to clarify that this is not a vacation for him.

"What I do is 100% business. I do no vacation. I do no touring or sightseeing. I could go to Gordo, Alabama and do the same thing. It really doesn't matter where you are as long as you're meeting with those companies," said Governor Bentley.

The main focus of the trip is bringing more industry to the state, like suppliers for the new Airbus plant coming to Mobile.

The governor and his staff will have a chance to meet with lots of business leaders.

"So we visit a number of companies, a number of CEO's while we're there. It's a very important trip. It's one of our key economic recruitment trips. A number of people from Alabama are going, about 100 from across the state."

A key selling point for the state this year is the new Made in Alabama campaign. The governor says that campaign and his involvement will help separate the state from others at the show.

"You know there are a number of states there that participate. It's really interesting because this is my third one. But so often I don't see very many governors there. I'll see five maybe six governors there."

The governor is leaving Friday for the trip and he'll be back by Wednesday.

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