Governor Holds Mansion Benefit Cookout


By Ellis Eskew

It was a down home, simple cookout featuring Alabama foods.
The governor manned the grill cooking up both Conecuh sausages and hot dogs.

 "I think doing things simply like this is just better and people appreciate it more," said Governor Bentley.

The Bentleys say they need to repairs to the more than 100 year old mansion.

"We have gutters that are leaking, and of course, that is causing damage to the walls and you can't go to Home Depot and buy new gutters because ours are specially made and really wide. And we are just trying to preserve that before we have rotten walls and windows falling out and things like that," said First Lady Diane Bentley.

On the inside of the home,  we're told there is rotten paneling that has been painted over as well as hand crafted French doors in need of repair.

Governor Bentley says they have a foundation to help them with some assistance from the
state. But they are in need of more.

"We obviously get some state dollars if we can't find any other means to fund the house. We're trying to get private donations to help also," said Gov. Bentley.

Alabama-produced food products included  Conecuh sausage, Golden Flake potato chips and Blue Bell Ice Cream.
Tickets were $50 for adults and $35 for children.

"The Friends of the Alabama Governor's Mansion" hosted the event.

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