Governor Responds to Critics of Accountability Act Amendment


By Alabama News Network


Governor Robert Bentley had a lot to talk about this week, from senate leader Del Marsh dismissing his amendment, to the critics who say he's delaying these tax credits  just to help himself win re-election.           

He says that politics have nothing to do with it. 



"Let me tell you, the politics of it is this. If we don't pay our debts, then we're not doing our duty as the governor or a house members or senate members. That's the politics of it. I'm not thinking about politics," said Bentley.

The governor just wants his amendment voted on honestly if it gets a chance to come up on Monday. 

"All I'm asking is to let the people and let the members of the senate and members of the house, just let them vote on it, Before they vote, they certainly better talk to their people back home. The leadership in the house and the senate does not elect them. The 40 thousand people in a house district and 120 thousand people in the senate district and they better be listening to them."

When asked why he's brining this amendment now instead of when the first accountability act came up, he says it's been on his mind for some time. 

"We talked about it and I actually did consider it. If you remember all the anger and rancor at the time, I hope the senate remembers it, all the yelling and screaming and hatred there was a lot. I really felt like it needed to cool down. And I really felt like down the road there'd be something I could put these amendments on. It's not something I thought of in the last week," said Bentley. 


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