More Businesses In Store For Greenville


By Catalina Trivino

A more aggressive economic development plan for the city of Greenville has many residents and city officials looking forward to growth in the future.

The latest Census figures say Greenville's population has grown 14% in 10 years -- that's over a thousand people in a city of 8,100.

"It's more city-like now, you know what I'm saying? I see like companies that they brought here, more restaurants, and it's bringing a lot more people," Said Raymont Baugh, who has lived in the Camellia City for 25 years. "And a lot more people are getting jobs and doing, you know what I'm saying, what they want to do."

And with more people, comes a need for more jobs. The idea is to convert Greenville into a "business haven" -- a place to eat, work and call home.

With Mayor Dexter McLendon running unopposed in the mayor's race, he says the next four years have him more excited than ever. He says jobs are at the top of his "To-Do List", which is why the search starts now for an Economic Development Director.

"We're going to spend money to put more emphasis on finding jobs and changing the technology," Said McLendon. "The times have changed so much in that area, that we have got to change what we're doing in economic development and be more aggressive... and we're about to be more aggressive."

And that's not all in store for the future of the Camellia City. McLendon says the city will be working on infrastructure plans near interstate 65, including bringing a Wintzell's Oyster House and a high-end apartment complex in the following months. He says he hopes to bring back a National Guard armory, as well.

"I think it's good that we've had companies to come in here and support our town," Said  Court Square Cafe business owner, Patty Powell.

McLendon also says he hopes to develop a workforce development program in the coming months to make sure people are better trained for jobs. He tells us there there are several other businesses moving to Greenville that he is not able to identify just yet. He hopes to have the Economic Development Director position filled by October.


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