Greenville Church Reaches People In Unconventional Way


By Catalina Trivino

When it comes to church, most of us have an idea of what a service is supposed to look like, but members of a church in Greenville are reaching out to the community in an "unconventional" way.


Lifeline Church hopes to bring back church in a whole new way -- and where they meet might surprise you.

It might look like they're coming to watch a movie, but with no popcorn in hand, that's not the case. It's here at theater number five in Greenville's "Edge" Movie Theater, where Pastor Eric Jackson is sending the message to "break free."

"We can deal with our past by admitting it, confessing it. And saying, 'you know what? I'm moving on. My past is my past and Satan's not going to keep me there anymore,'" Said Pastor Jackson during a sermon on Wednesday.

It's a sermon series he's doing throughout the month of February, where church members use these familiar Monopoly cards to take a chance and make connections with those who don't go to church.

To "Break Free" from the conventional setting, Pastor Jackson and other church members will be building a jail cell, one that will be used to preach out of.

"It's pretty much not the church atmosphere. To me, we're trying to reach people who don't go to church and are not affiliated with church, so we're just out trying to reach the lost people to get them to come to church," Said church member, Keith Duke.

And it's doing the unexpected, church member, Lynell Mosley, says could help reach the disconnected.

"We all get in a rut and we think, we've got to do the same thing and sometimes you've just got to have that little push to know there's something different out there and just break free from your everyday struggles," Said Mosley.

Lifeline Church is a small church referred to as a "church plant,"averaging about 35 people each service. On Sunday is when they'll start preaching from the jail cell.

Also this Sunday, the church will be celebrating its one year anniversary. The service starts at 10 a.m.


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