Greenville High School Students Collect Hundreds Of Jeans For Teens


By Catalina Trivino

One group of teenagers is setting out to change 1,500 lives across Alabama...

There are about one and a half million homeless teens in the country and the number one item they request in shelters is a pair of jeans, so teens at Greenville High School are doing something about it.

Seventeen year old Jameaca Carter and Patricia Robinson are on a mission --

They're collecting "gently used" jeans to recycle and distribute to teens living in homeless shelters.

"To help homeless teenagers because we have jeans, we have money, we have a house -- they don't. And they're not able to get it," Said senior, Robinson, when we asked her why they were doing this.

With that mindset, Carter and Robinson, along with other Greenville High School students, are setting out to collect 1,500 pairs of jeans.

Me: how many jeans have you collected so far? -- well "So far, we've collected at the minimum of 800 jeans, but we're still counting," Said Carter, also a senior.

Last semester, they found out about the national "Jeans for Teens" program after receiving an e-mail from the Aeropostale clothing store about the community service project. Six weeks later, they're piling hundreds. Counselor, Tomesha Hamiliton, says the students are embracing the phrase, "it's better to give than receive."

"The students were so eager, I mean, they went out to their classmates, to friends, and within four weeks, the students had collected 600 pairs of jeans," Said Hamilton, who is also the sponsor for the the community service group collecting the jeans, Tiger Reps.

And with only days left for the clothing drive, students are packing for the cause. But to get to 1,500 jeans, they need your help.

"So, why not take the jeans that we're not using anymore, when we're just going to throw them away anyway, why not give it to homeless teenagers? Seems like the right thing to do," Said Robinson.

All these jeans will first be distributed to young homeless people in Butler County. Any jeans left over, will be given to others in need across the state.

On Saturday, students will be holding a jean drive to get the last pairs of jeans. They're asking you to drop them off in front of Greenville High School between 7:30 a.m. to noon.


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