Greenville Report Shows Overall Crime Drop In 2012


By Catalina Trivino

There's good news in Greenville -- a new report shows the number of crimes is going down...




While those overall numbers are down, some numbers have gone up.


Assaults were up nearly 18 pecent. GPD reported 20 assaults in 2012, compared to 17 in 2011.

Robberies were up 50 percent. GPD reported 12 robberies in 2012, compared to 8 in 2011.

GPD also reports 1 murder in 2012, compared to 0 in 2011.

Greenville resident Gregg Fuller has lived in Greenville for more than 40 years. And working with the local newspaper during the 1980's and 90's... he remembers the days when crime in the Camellia City was at it's worst.

"There were years of multiple murders, you know. I can remember one year and can't be specific on that... I think we had eight or nine and for a community this size, that's kind of shocking," Said Fuller.

Years later, Greenville Police are still busy -- but the new crime figures for 2012 paint a completely different picture of the city. Overall crimes committed have gone down nearly 21 percent compared to 2011.

"Well, what we're talking about here is Part One Crimes and those are the crimes that have been identified by the FBI as the most serious crimes. During 2012, we had 138 of these crimes occur in the city limits of Greenville. We cleared 99 of those crimes," Said police chief, Lonzo Ingram. This means they've cleared nearly 72 percent of all crimes committed last year -- a big difference from 2011, which had only 56 percent of crimes that were closed.

Ingram says that's a result of a department equipped with enough officers with a smaller turn-over rate and moving into a facility to bring the whole department together.

"Prior to that time, we were separated. Patrol and investigation in one spot investigation and myself was in another spot and were able to get back together. That really improved communication among investigations and patrol division," Said Ingram.

He also tells CBS 8 they implemented a paperless system when they moved to the new facility, which has helped cut down time in the office and allow officers to patrol the streets more.

Yearly Case Log Summary: 2012

Thefts were down 10 percent. GPD reported 50 thefts in 2012, compared to 55 in 2011.

Burglaries were down about 34 percent. GPD reports 50 burglaries in 2012, compared to 76 in 2011.

Vehicle Thefts were down about 73 percent. GPD reports 4 vehicle thefts in 2012, compared to 15 in 2011.

Rapes were down nearly 67 percent. GPD reports 1 rape in 2012, compared to 3 in 2011.


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