Greenville YMCA Walking Trail Dedicated To Former Director


By Catalina Trivino

A new walking trail is dedicated to a former YMCA director who passed away last summer...

Dozens gathered at the Greenville YMCA for the dedication ceremony to honor former YMCA director, Amanda Phillips.

People stood by the family as the city unveiled the trail, one Phillips worked for years to bring into the YMCA. Phillips worked at the YMCA for 16 years before passing away in July due to complications caused by Diabetes.

"She gave her life to the Y for years. It was her life, her passion, her devotion and I feel like she's smiling down from heaven now because this is an honorarium to her and what she gave to the YMCA... and she always wanted something like this here anyway," Said Phillips' sister, Mary Ann Danford.

Mayor Dexter McLendon says because of Phillips' work in securing the funds for the new walking trail, the city is now seeking grants to create more walking trails, a bike trail and a dog park on the 40 acres surrounding the YMCA.

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