Group Marching From Selma to Montgomery in Defense of Voting Rights Act


By George McDonald

Thousands of people including Vice President Joe Biden took part in the bridge crossing re-enactment Sunday in Selma -- now a group of demonstrators are re-enacting the Selma to Montgomery March.

The group will be marching along the National Historic Trail over the next few days-- all the way to Montgomery.

State Senator Hank Sanders says the group is also marching in defense of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. A case questioning the constitutionality of the section was heard by the United States Supreme Court last week.

"We don't expect a decision to come down until May so everything we can do to let the Supreme Court know that it is important to keep section five," said Sanders.

He said the march will conclude Friday in Montgomery with a rally on the steps of the State Capitol.

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