Group of Ex-Cons Works to Bring Peace to Montgomery Streets


By Brittany Bivins

Members of Peace in the Streets (or PITS) met at Gibbs Village to bring their message of non-violence to the Montgomery community.

It's A Birmingham-based group, which travels to high-crime communities to talk to and pray with people who live there. Tommy Bailey, a preacher who used to live in Montgomery, started the group last year. He and most of the other members don't have clean records. They're ex-cons. Bailey spent years in prison for armed robbery before turning his life around. He says the group wants to make amends now by making a real difference.

"I was always taught if you break it, you fix it. If you dropped it, pick it up," said Bailey.

"What we're here for is to encourage the young generation not to go down the road we went down. What we need to do is learn them responsibility, teach them how to be leaders," said Robert Hardy, a minister who works with PITS.

That message is working with some people in


Gibbs Village like 22-year-old Kriston Lanier, who lives in the neighborhood.


PITS has other community events planned for Sylacuaga and plans to return to Montgomery in the future. If you want to participate, you can contact PITS at (205) 276-4184.

When you tell them to come to you, that gives the option of saying maybe or maybe not, but when you come to them, and they listen to you and give them a chance to listen to you and see your face, I believe it works a lot better. You get better feedback," said Lanier.


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