Troy Home Invasion Suspect Dies


By Jessica Gertler

From the CBS 8 Troy Newsroom-- A man suspected of breaking into a Troy home dies after receiving life-threatening injuries when the home owners fight back.


The DA's office says McLeod and Bean will be in court within the next 72 hours for their first appearance for the felony murder charges.


Troy Police say the home invasion suspect, Thomas White, died this morning at Troy Regional Medical Center.

Pike County District Attorney Tom Anderson says the two suspects driving White's getaway car will be charged with his death.

In this CBS 8 News exclusive video, you're looking at Deanna McLeod and Parrish Bean. Anderson says the two knew White had a gun when they dropped him off at a home on George Hall Drive in Troy Monday.

"They're completely compliant with his demands," says Anderson. "He actually begins to remove televisions and wedding rings. Both of which were found in his pocket later during medical treatment. Then when this event began to escalate, the husband was struck in the head with that firearm."

Anderson says White then attacked the female homeowner.

He says that's when the couple fought back, leaving White with multiple stab wounds, and now with White's death.

Anderson says under Alabama's Felony Murder Law, McLeod and Bean will be charged with his death.

"This should be a lesson to everybody else that you better be prepared for the consequences," Anderson says. "Those realistically from any sort of defense that may be matted against you and legally."

Community members are reacting to the news. Many saying they would have done exactly what the victims did.

"They're in my home. I mean I can do what I want," says area resident Halee Dix.

"The guy had no business breaking in to start with. If you break in, you take your life in your own hands," says area resident Larry Davis.

"It's sad that a person loses his own life trying to harm someone else's," says area resident Bernette Foster.

According to court records, White stabbed both victims, and he fired his gun at least one time. Police say the two did not suffer from life-threatening injuries.

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