Horses in Dallas Co. at High Risk for Mosquito-Borne Disease


By Alabama News Network

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- Animal health officials in Dallas County say the county has one of the highest rates of horse fatalities from mosquito-borne disease in the state.

Selma Animal Hospital veterinarian Justin Howard says West Nile virus and Eastern and Western Equine encephalitis are the biggest and deadliest threats to area horses.

Howard says the chances of a horse being infected or killed by the diseases are much greater in Dallas County because of a large mosquito population caused by the large amount of low-lying swampy areas in the county.

He recommend that horses in Dallas County be vaccinated twice a year.

"You need to have your horse vaccinated spring and fall just to be safe," said Howard. "Some places we do once a year, but you need to have horses vaccinated for Eastern and Western encephalitis, our two most common mosquito-borne diseases that result in fatalities in horses."

For information about mosquito-borne diseases horse owners should contact their local vet.

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