House Seat 74 Candidates Vow to Complete Term if Elected


By Ellis Eskew

The race for the district 74 seat in the house is heating up.

A special election is being held because the current legislator, Jay Love, is stepping down.

Charlotte meadows, Dimitri Polizos and Heather Sellers faced off Tuesday night at a forum at Lakeview Baptist Church.

The candidates all say they want to reduce spending, grow the economy and fight crime.
Voters tell us they are concerned about them staying in office for a whole term if they should be elected.

However voters are concerned over a recent trend in the legislature of officials leaving office before their terms are up.

 "People today are looking for a stepping stone to something better. I believe if you take a job, you should finish it," said voter Mary Long.

Each candidate said they vow to stick it out.

Sellers tells us, " I believe in a commitment and would serve that term absolutely. "

"Just not one that quits. I stick it out whatever it takes, but I just stay with it," said Polizos.

Charlotte Meadows says, " I've never backed down from anything I've started and always finish what I have started."

The special election for jay love's seat with be held October 8th.

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