Housing Market Improving Nationwide and in Montgomery


By Alabama News Network

It's been a long time, but home builders are confident again about the housing market across the United States.

But some people are saying they aren't so sure about Montgomery's market. 

Houses are selling faster than they have in years across the country. 

The national association of homebuilders says that sales conditions for houses across the country are good for the first time in seven years. Realtors in Montgomery say they're seeing a dramatic improvement as well.
"Yes I have, tremendously! Based on the volume of sales we've had on our board for the last couple of months I'd say that is has improved tremendously," said Ann Flowers, long time realtor in Montgomery.
Residents in Montgomery are seeing homes in their neighborhoods sell quickly too.
"A lot of people are moving in to Montgomery actually. I think it's because of the same thing. Other states are more expensive and the cost of living is so high and here it's like cheaper," said Irene Casalas, who bought her home here about 4 years ago. 
A study done by Kiplinger says that may be part of the problem. They say housing prices in Montgomery have fallen more than any other city in the country. Kathryn Jones says that times have been hard, but things are picking up.
"It seems like it's moving in a positive direction now. Things have been slow, but it has picked up. Our phones are ringing more, people are getting out and going to our open houses more," said Jones, a Montgomery realtor.  
"Well with all of the new things that are coming to montgomery it's growing, the river region and so forth. And I think that has a lot to do with it, the economy, people are now relaxing some. Job stability is better," agreed Flowers.
The Montgomery Area Association of Realtors says that the average price is almost twice that of the Kiplinger study, with the median price coming in at about $150,000. 

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