How Carnival's Stranded Cruise Ship May Affect Travel


By Ashley Thompson

Relatives of those aboard the Carnival Triumph say people are sleeping on decks, waiting in long lines for hot food, and some aren't even able to use their own restroom. Here in Montgomery, there are mixed feelings about whether this will hinder future cruising.

Are you thinking twice about booking a cruise vacation after what's happened with the Carnival Triumph? We asked you on our facebook page and some of you say YES. Chane' January-Flemming writes "I already don't care for being in large bodies of water. This just reinforced my fear."

But Kim Greene says there are risks that come with every vacation, writing..."No. My fiancé just booked our cruise for March, which will be our honeymoon. We all have to understand that things like that tend to happen."

Carol Bridgers runs Carol's Excursions, a travel agency in Montgomery. She's been putting people on cruises for the past nine years and has a group that will set sail on the Triumph in May. She tells us some travelers have reached out with concerns but no one has cancelled their booking.

"My clients are worried about it but they don't need to be worried because they're going to get a new ship," she says. "They're going to take care of that ship from top to bottom. And when they get on it, everything's going to be fixed."

Carol says she believes what happened with the Carnival Triumph is more than likely just an isolated incident and won't keep people from booking cruises.

"You know, things happen. You're car breaks down ,you go on a trip and something happens with an airplane. It's just...things break down at times," she says.

Some believe avoiding cruise ship disasters depends on which ship you choose.

"I think you try to book with the right company, the company that you know aren't going to have the problems that seem to be occurring throughout the world these days," says traveler David Richardson.  

Carnival has made arrangements for passengers to stay in hotels and will provide free bus transportation and flights back to their original destination.



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