How Will Alabama's New Gun Law Affect Business Owners?


By Alabama News Network

Alabama's new gun law takes effect August 1. It includes some important changes for business owners and law enforcement officials want to make sure every knows what will be different.

There's a lot to read in the 36 page gun law, including how it affects business owners and their rights.

Some employers still aren't sure what the new law means for them.

"We know it passed and the governor signed it," said  Hobson Cox, owner of Affordable Eyecare.

The Sheriff's Office is looking to get everyone on the same page. It's promoting a new video featuring business leaders, lawyers and sheriffs that details exactly what they can and cannot do under the law.

The do's and don'ts for private employers is about an hour long and covers everything from guns in employees cars to liability. 

"It answers a lot of those questions about are you liable and some of the things to look for. But it went more into the work place violence aspect as well. So I think it's a great opportunity for them to get familiarized with what the law says," said Montgomery County Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham.

One piece of the law lets permit owners carry a gun in their car, even when going to work. Hobson Cox says this is the first he's hearing about it. 

"That's information that I guess every business man needs to know about. I imagine people have been bringing their weapons to work and leaving them in their cars anyway, but when you have a law the public needs to be informed about that," said Cox. 

The Sheriff's Office recommends that employees watch the new video, which you can see here, to know what their rights are as well.


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