How Would Government Shutdown Impact Montgomery?


By Josh Ninke

A national government shutdown would impact many in the state of Alabama, particularly those here in Montgomery. 

The clock is ticking down and it looks like Congress won't agree on a budget.
That means the government will start shutting down, and only essential workers will continue to show up to their jobs.
That includes civilians at Maxwell Air Force Base who will be furloughed starting Tuesday.
"We come in just for two or three hours, sign over our duties, in my case to an enlisted person. They'll pick up where I can't," said Michael Ritz, chief of media relations with Maxwell Air Force Base. 
Colonel Trent Edwards, commander of the 42nd air base wing, says that doesn't mean the base is shutting down. 
"Our gates won't close. We still have work to do. It's important work on behalf of national security so we'll get that work done," said Col. Edwards.
Governor Robert Bentley is still preparing for just how this probable shut down will affect the state as a whole. He says he's been working with department heads to make sure things go as smooth as possible.
"The one that I talked to first of course was our alabama national guard. It will affect some. It depends on how long it will go on. I suspect that it probably will occur though," said Governor Bentley. 
Colonel Edwards thinks a shutdown is likely as well, but he wants civilian employees to know that they won't be forgotten.
"We have a great civilian workforce. A team of folks that have been with us for 5, 10, 15, 20, 45 years. We will get with this together. We value what they do, we value their contributions as a team member, and as I said, we'll get through this together."
Those civilian workers will be furloughed indefinitely until Congress can come up with a deal.

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