Incumbent Mayor McGowan Defeated in Union Springs


By Brittany Bivins

Voters in the Bullock County town of Union Springs have elected in a new mayor. In Tuesday's run-off election, incumbent John McGowan got 527 votes, falling to challenger Saint T. Thomas, Junior.

Thomas, who got 590 votes, currently serves on the city council. He says he has plans to revitalize the city's downtown area and create town hall-style forums. "I am going to be the mayor for the entire city, not for the ones that just voted. I'm going to be for everybody, so we need to get through, get things behind us, and come and let's get together and take Union Springs to the next level," said Thomas.

McGowan was elected in 2008. He has served one term as mayor. The race was the only issue on Union Springs' ballots.

In Pike County, Brundidge voters have chosen two new city council leaders in Tuesday's run-off.

In Brundidge's city council race, Betty Baxter defeated Lawrence Bowden by 20 votes to take control of the District 1 seat. In District 3, Margaret Ross was elected over Anthony Foster by a 30-vote margin.


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