Innovative Landing System Coming To Troy Airport


By Alabama News Network

 The Troy Airport is getting a nearly $1.1 million upgrade. When they expanded the runway by 1,500 feet last fall, airport officials realized the landing system wouldn't be sufficient. 

Pilots use that system when there is low visibility.The old way would bounce signals off the ground, but on either side of the expansion is wetlands and uneven land. The new system will add sets of antennas to account for the limited terrain. 
Melissa Sanders, Troy Planning and Zoning said, "It increases the safety of our airport. With being able to allow larger aircrafts to come in to our airport will also possibly increase economic development." 
The extended runaway will not be used until the project is complete, they hope to have it up and running before the end of the year. Troy will be one of only 33 airports with this landing system. The FAA is paying for 95 percent of the project, leaving 2.5 percent each to the state and the City of Troy. 

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