Pet Owners Beware: Is Pet Theft On the Rise in Mtgy.?


By Jessica Gertler

Pet owners beware! Dog thieves are striking Montgomery. Eight dogs have been reported stolen in the last week leaving their owners devastated, and neighbors afraid that pet-napping is on the rise in the capital city. 

Some of these dogs were taken in broad daylight. All of them were in the backyard when it happened. The owners have scoured their neighborhoods and checked with local shelters, but there's been no sign of their pets.

"Well they moved the [cinder] blocks and got the dogs out," says Coralyn Wright-Woodson. "They had to have moved them."

Wright-Woodson went to feed her dachshunds Saturday morning. That's when she noticed three were missing.

"When I saw they were gone, I was just hurt. I cried," she says.

"She came running back, and said 'My dogs are gone!' I said, 'How could they be gone?' She said 'They're gone!'" says Onetia Sankey.

Sankey lives next door to Wright-Woodson. She says she has no idea who stole her neighbor's dogs.

Together, the two spent the weekend searching for the dogs. One turned up. He was wandering the streets. The other two are still missing.

"They are valuable. Those dogs are valuable. I have always used them for breeding," says Wright-Woodson.

And on Tuesday, just up the road.

"My neighbor says a strange car pulled up across the street from us," says Willie Marlow. "Come to find out, my neighbor said his mama dog and the daddy dog had been stolen."

Five pit-bulls were stolen from the home next door to Marlow's. 

The owner, Pete Booth, was at work, but tells us he breeds the dogs and is devastated.

Both Booth and Sankey say their biggest fear is that their dogs are being mistreated.

"That someone is trying to breed that dog or trying to rain them for a dog fight," says Wright-Woodson.

Booth says he is offering a $1,000 reward for his five pit-bulls. He says the thieves also stole a computer, television, and clothes from his house, and says they even made away with the dog food. 

If you have seen these dogs, you are asked to call Montgomery Police at (334) 241-2651.

To get a better look at the pit-bulls that are missing:


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