Johnny Manziel Investigation Sparks Debate on Paying College Athletes


By Ashley Thompson

ESPN reports Texas A&M football player Johnny Manziel is now under investigation by the NCAA for allegedly selling autographs when he was in Miami this past January for the BCS National Championship game.
The allegations are once again stirring up debate on whether college athletes should be paid.

Alabama State University Head Football Coach Reggie Barlow says the situation is tricky.

"Unfortunately, the rules are the rules and you have to follow them," says Barlow. "But my personal opinion, if you've earned the right to have your name that's creating all these big time dollars, maybe they should figure out something."

Sports Attorney and Agent Don Jackson says he believes the rules applied years ago when they were written but says now they're outdated.

"You didn't have head football coaches making five million dollars 50 years ago," says Jackson. "You didn't have college conferences and college athletic departments with 100 million dollar budgets a quarter century ago."

Many student athletes receive scholarships to attend school and some people believe that IS being paid to play. Though former Alabama and NFL pro Mike Washington says that isn't necessarily enough.

"You've got a lot of guys who play football at these universities for four years that don't get drafted, that don't get to make the big money and they don't make any money at the university."

But not everyone thinks college athletes should be paid. Faulkner Head Football Coach Brent Barker doesn't but says the NCAA should somehow provide them with more.

"We're here at 6AM. We're here until 7PM, in meetings, weights, lifting. It is really a full time job.


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