Jury Reaches Verdict In Murder Trial


By Amanda Wade

The jury found Brandon Rudolph not guilty for the murder of Willie Earl Scott, and emotions ran high after the verdict was read. 

"I feel good," says Rudolph as he left the courtroom.  
He was on trial for murder, after a fight on McCall Road between Rudolph and Willie Earl Scott turned deadly in May of last year. Defense Attorney, Jerry Thornton, says he's, "...pleased and happy and certainly feels sorry for the family's loss."  
Although the Scott family remained calm in courtroom as the verdict was read, police had to ask them to leave before allowing Rudolph and his family to leave the courthouse.  
District Attorney, Charlotte Tesmer, says, "We are disappointed in the verdict, but we honor the jury's decision." 
Rudolph and his family left through the back doors with smiles on their faces and said they were feeling good.

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