Victim's and Defendant's Ex-Girlfriend Testifies in 'Critterman' Murder Trial


By Jessica Gertler

A key witness takes the stand today in the capital murder trial of a former Montgomery doctor charged with paying two cousins to kill a well-known animal trapper many remember as "Skip the Critterman."

Serena English who pleaded guilty to playing a part in the murder of Ralph "The Critterman" McNeill in exchange for a life sentence took the stand this afternoon.

English is the ex-girlfriend of the defendant David Nash, and she also had a child with McNeill. She says the murder stemmed over a custody battle.

Nash was attentive and silent when his ex-girlfriend and his alleged co-conspirator took the stand.

When prosecutors asked English if she was remorseful her son no longer has a father because she helped murder his dad, English answered by saying "sometimes." 

That's when both English and McNeill's family broke down in tears.

English testified that she and Nash paid Jeremy Riley, who she says was their drug dealer, and his cousin Kindall Riley $9,000 to kill McNeill in January 2011. 

English said Nash provided the money, because she was angry when McNeill was granted partial custody of their son.

English told attorneys she and Nash were on drugs when Jeremy Riley called to let them know the job was done. 

The defense cross examined English bringing up her past. Defense attorney Susan James says she is a drug addict, untrustworthy and full of contradictions. James says she has a violent past and brought up the time English went to jail for beating her mother. 

English will continue testimony Thursday morning. No word if Nash will take the stand, but it is highly likely Jeremy Riley will.

Along with English, Jeremy Riley has also pleaded guilty to playing a part in the murder as part of a plea deal. As for Kindall Riley, a jury could not reach a verdict in his trail in April. A new trail has been scheduled for December. 

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