LBW Andalusia Campus Could See Student Housing In Future


By Catalina Trivino

Students at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College in Andalusia could see apartment dorms in the coming months...

It's Jay Brewer's first year of college at LBW's Andalusia campus. An exciting transition, except for one thing...

"I mean, I live 30 minutes from here, anyways," Said Brewer, who wishes he could save that drive. It's a concern Brewer and other commuters may not have to worry for long.

President of LBW Community College in Andalusia, Dr. Herbert Rydell, says the LBWCC Foundation requested a USDA loan to build on campus housing. If funding is approved, three acres of woods would be demolished as early as January 2013... eventually becoming a place for students to call home.

"We have a lot of students who live more than 30 miles from campus and have to commute and we feel that a number of them would find that it's convenient to live on campus and get a little bit more of a college experience, live with other students," Said Dr. Rydell, who says the college has been working on this project the last year.

They're also making history. The nearly $3 million housing project would be a first for any of the LBW campuses. Ninety-two students would be able to move into garden style apartments the college would call "Saints Hall," which would be located adjacent to the school.

Students say they're hoping the proposal for the housing project becomes a reality.

"I know a bunch of my friends in my classes, like one drives from Hartford and Dothan each day and have to get up really early. And half the time one of them is late to class and so that's hurting them, so if they can move on campus that cuts their time drastically and they can do better in school because of it," said freshman student, Ben Ballard. And as for commuters, like Brewer, he's crossing his fingers in hope of getting the chance to live on campus.

"Yeah! I mean, I thought about if I wanted to live somewhere where would I live, but I mean, that'd be a good place to live," Said Brewer.

School officials tell CBS-8 they will receive a final approval on the housing project next month. If approved, they hope to have students moving in by August 2013.


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