Wet Weather's Impact On Summer At Lake Martin


By Alabama News Network

It's been a beautiful Labor Day out on Lake Martin, which was a far cry from the wet and rainy 4th of July at the start of the season. 

Bright summer weekends like this have been few and far between this year. And that certainly hasn't helped business at the Kowaliga Marina.
"It's been off a little bit for the summer primarily due to the fact that we've gotten some rainy weather and just haven't had the sunshine we've had in years past. But this labor day we're going to have a record labor day. Best labor day we've ever had," said Scott Goslin, merchandise manager for Russell Marine. 
But one benefit of all that rain has been high water levels. That's kept lake goer John Graham coming back to Lake Martin this year. 
"One of the things I like is how high the lake water has been all season long so we've never had any issues with the rocks and stuff. You can kind of go anywhere you want to go in the lake. And it's allowed me to explore areas I've never been able to go to since the water's been so high, so I really like that," said Graham.
"Water purity has been great. We've got visibility down to about 10 feet which is great. Clean clear water. We have water all the way up to the docks so we're at full pull right now which is pretty unheard of for this time of year," said Goslin.
This year has been good for the Kowaliga Restaurant next door as well. This is the first year the business has been open, but workers say it's been a good one.
"Summer has been awesome. Business has stayed strong throughout the summer. Now after labor day it will start to dwindle down a little bit. But it's been a great first summer. The weather hurt a little bit with all the rain, but it's been great," said Russ Bodner, executive chef at Kowaliga Restaurant.
With the lake levels unusually high, businesses are hoping to see customers come back throughout the fall.

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