Lagoon Park Sprucing up Trail


By Alabama News Network

There has already been a lot of hard work put into the existing trail at Lagoon Park. Volunteers have been coming in to clear debris, but there's still a long way to go. 

Montgomery Multisport has teamed up with the city to spruce up the trail at Lagoon Park. 
It's been hard work because volunteers are clearing the area by hand.
"We've had a lot of volunteers come out on saturdays, weekends cleaning up the brush and the undergrowth out there. Haven't been able to get a lot of heavy machinery because we want to try to have as friendly of an impact on the environment as possible," said Andy Steinhauer, general manager and part-owner of the business.
The multipurpose trail will extend about 4 miles around the park while the new bike trail should end up being around 10 miles long. 
People are excited for another place to spend time with their families.
"I think since they're cleaning it up everyone's going to go there now. It's good that they're making it longer and cleaning it up," said Montgomery resident Braxton Moore.
The existing multipurpose trail should be ready to use in a few months. The new bike trail could take up to a year. 
If you'd like to help out, you can contact Steinhauer at andys@montgomery


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