New "Legends Bowl" Could Be Headed to Hornet Stadium


By Ashley Thompson

Alabama State University confirms it's been in talks with a group from New York to host a bowl game at Hornet Stadium next year.

Smaller conferences like the Mountain West, The MAC, Sunbelt, and Conference USA are all looking for a stadium to play a bowl game. And now, Hornet Stadium may be the place.

ASU Interim Athletic Director Melvin Hines says the school has been working with an organization out of New York to bring a college football bowl game to their turf.

"Our vision when we built this stadium was to host Alabama State football games but also to attract games such as the possible Legends Game," he says.

The Legends Bowl is the name of the big game and an executive with the bowl says venues like Hornet Stadium are in demand right now.

"We were targeting stadiums that had seating capacities of forty-thousand or less," says Brian Woods with Legends Bowl. "Alabama State University's venue, the size is ideal."

Montgomery residents tell us they believe the bowl game could benefit ASU.

"It would bring a lot of money to the city," says Montgomery resident Maurice Ward. "I think it's a great opportunity, they've got the new stadium."

"That'll be good revenue for Alabama State," says football fan Ryan Perry.

Woods says several television networks have expressed interest in broadcasting the bowl.

"We're going to entertain all the offers and we're going to try to look but the biggest thing for us is - we're going to get the biggest national broadcast possible."

And although the school is making Legends Bowl a priority right now, Hines says Hornet Stadium is available to host any event... to possibly get some return on the 62 million dollars spent to build it.

"It has all the bells and whistles and all of the amenities that would be attractive to anyone," he says. "Not just the Legends Bowl but any other bowl game or anybody that wants to bring an event to Montgomery."


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