Legislators React to Victoryland Raid


By Ellis Eskew

Democratic Senator Bill Beasley represents Macon County where Victoryland is located. His main concern was for the people who lost their jobs.

 "First of all, I'm concerned that the attorney general would take action that he did. And I'm also concerned for the 300 folks who lost their jobs because they also have to take care of their families," said Beasley.

And he believes the Victoryland machines are legal.

"Victoryland is operating under a legal constitutional amendment passed by the citizens of Macon County back in '03. And they are operating a legal electronic bingo," Beasley.

Fellow democratic Denator Bobby Singelton represents Greene county where the Greenetrack casino is located.

"This is just politics being played and people's lives being played with. So our hope is the attorney general will get together and I'm sad to see our Supreme Court take it to the level that they have," said Singleton.

Republican Senator Dick Brewbaker says he personally is against gaming. But in this situation he says there needs to be more clarity.

 "What I think would be good for the state of Alabama is for some sanity to be brought to the situation. And I think the end result of all this is finally to clarify what legal gaming is in this state, both for Indian and non-indian gaming. It will be a good thing," said Brewbaker.


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