Local Reaction to the Presidential Inauguration


By Ellis Eskew

What did you think about the presidential inauguration? We asked our facebook friends to tell us their thoughts. Here are some of the comments:

Thomas Richburg says, "Magnificent and historical, I only wish that I could have been there."

Deborah Ann Butler says, " Yes, I watch. Made me proud! ... I would like to see Congress put their personal feelings aside and help build our country."

However there were other opinions.

Shayne Mckenzie Roberts says, "I didn't think much of it...Obama has done a awful job with the economy and the way he has run the country...I have been out of a job for almost a year !!!"

Jared Wright says, " I could care less, too busy working trying to make a living. Impeach them ALL, and decrease federal government at least 80 percent."

The White House decided to scale back the celebrations this year because the country is still recovering from the recession with only 2 inaugural balls instead of ten as they had four years ago.


If you would like to tell us your thoughts, visit our WAKA CBS 8 facebook page.

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