Lockheed Martin in Troy Celebrates National Award Amid Sequestration Worries


By Brittany Bivins

Another sector facing big cuts from the sequester is national defense. Today Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said he thinks the federal government should save money, but he doesn't think across-the-board military cuts are the best way to do that.

Governor Robert Bentley spoke at an awards ceremony for Troy missile manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Company officials say they're on the track to growth, but the spending cuts will make a difference.

Lockheed Martin's Troy plant is one of the top six manufacturers in the country, according to IndustryWeek magazine, which judges companies on quality, safety and overall productivity.

"They're second to none, to any other company out there, so it makes it easy to win those awards, when you got people performing that way," said Dave Anderson, site director.

 luncheon and awards ceremony, company officials talked about the sequester, but only briefly. They told workers they should be proud of their accomplishments, which they say will help keep their products in high demand.

At Wednesday's

Still, the cuts could make an impact on defense industries just like Lockheed Martin.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley says that could have a big impact on the state. "Now the federal government needs to save money, the approach though, is more of a blunt approach instead of a surgical approach, and there are some things that do not need to be cut, and I believe that the defense of our nation is something that we need to be very careful about cutting," said Bentley.


Martin officials say it's too early to say how that could impact the company. "There will be impacts across the board, so we don't know how it's going to affect our suppliers, or supply chains, things like that, so we need to assess that," said Anderson.

However, they say awards like IndustryWeek's prove they have what it takes to survive it. "T

he future here is growth, even with sequestration, so it is very positive for Pike County operations," said Anderson.

Lockheed Martin employs about 300 peopl

e in Troy. The company has been operating in Troy since 1994. This is the second time it's been named an IndustryWeek top plant. The first time was in 1997.

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