Louis Farrakhan Speaks at Voting Rights Rally in Selma


By George McDonald

Nation of Islam leader -- the Minister Louis Farrakhan was in Selma Friday -- taking part in the Save Section Five Caravan.

Farrakhan is the latest national figure to add his name to the list of people who want to protect Section Five of the Voting Rights Act.

Farrakhan walked across the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge and spoke at a rally at Memorial Park at the foot of the bridge.

Organizers of the caravan came under fire for including Farrakhan who is on the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Group Watch List, because of his beliefs.

"This issue, Section Five of the Voting Rights Act, is much bigger than Louis Farrakhan," said Ellwood Christian Church Pastor -- Gary Crum.

"If you remember history reflects that when the march took place from Selma to Montgomery -- there Catholics, there were Jews, there were Muslims, there were Baptists, there were Methodists, so it's more significant than one individual."

Section five of the Voting Rights Act requires states with a history of discrimination to get approval before making voting or election changes.

Shelby County is challenging that part of the law in the U.S. Supreme Court.

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