Lowndes Co. Awarded Grant To Pave Several Dirt Roads


By Catalina Trivino

After years of waiting, folks living along some dirt roads in Lowndes county will soon see new blacktop. And for many, it's a slippery, muddy problem they are ready to leave in their tracks.

This road may look easy to get through right now, but when it rains, Lowndes County residents say it's an accident waiting to happen. But now, they can thank Governor Bentley for a large grant which will make roadways, like this one, safer.


Derrick Fleeton hopes for clear skies each day. It's because this dirt road he lives off of [on Fleeton Rd.] turns into a mess when it rains... making it a struggle to get on the black top.

"You'll be slippery, sliding, spinning, mostly getting stuck on the other end, so if we can work something out to get it fixed, we won't have to have mud and get pulled out of stucks and stuff," Fleeton Rd. resident, Derrick Fleeton.

"This road is bad right now," Said another Fleeton Rd. resident, Kenneth Fleeton, as he shows CBS-8 an area on the road where rain water collects and causes flooding. "It's looking good right now, but anytime it rains myself and everybody else who travels on this road tends to be slipping and sliding at the beginning and all the way down. Sometimes, you feel like you almost need a boat."

A nearly $324,000 Community Development Block Grant awarded by Governor Robert Bentley will now give some Lowndes County drivers a smoother ride. County officials say dirt roads like Fleeton Road, Debeck Road, Lake Berry Lane and a portion of Lake Berry Road will be paved and widened to improve road drainage. But not all residents are excited about the change.

"And of all things, we did just start a restaurant that we're about to -- well we did -- open this week called 'Dirt Road Diner.' And so it saddens me because I don't want this paved at all," Said Marie Green, who also has a home in addition to the restaurant on Lake Berry Road.


The county is contributing about $173-thousand to the project.

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