MPS Superintendent: State Monitor Helps "Public Outcry" for Transparency


By Brittany Bivins

The Montgomery Public School board is asking the State Department of Education for help after hundreds of accusations of improper grade changing last year, which led to a state investigation.

Tuesday night, the school board voted unanimously to request an academic monitor. It's not the first time the idea has been discussed. So why is now the time to move?

"There was an outcry from the community that they weren't sure where we were. We had implemented a plan in January that the state has asked us to do, and we saw this as a way that we were transparent and the community would know we tried to be transparent," said Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Thompson.

Durden Dean, a school board member, says the monitor helps with that transparency.

"A lot of things, when you're talking among yourself, the public doesn't know what's going on, so we felt like it was important to make a public statement that we're all together in this, we're all speaking with one voice," said Dean.

"We've heard about an expanded investigation so I think this makes it an ideal time for us to look at what's going on, you know. We thought we had dealt with the people we were given in the initial investigation, so since it's expanded, it makes sense that we go back now and say okay, if there are other things that you found that we should be doing differently, let's go back and look at them," said Thompson.

It's still not clear exactly who the monitor will be, what role the that person will play in the school system or how long they'll remain. Superintendent Barbara Thompson says she expects more details will be released after a meeting with state officials.

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