Macon Co. Sheriff: VictoryLand Bingo Machines Are Legal


By Jessica Gertler

From Macon County -- VictoryLand takes another step toward reopening. The sheriff and an outside inspector have checked VictoryLand's new electronic bingo machines and say they are legal.

Sheriff Warren says the new machines similar to the gaming machines in the casino 2 years ago before it shut down.

He says there is new software, and it is legal. 

"As a law enforcement officer, I'm not going to get involved in anything that I believe is not legal. That would be fool hearted," says Warren.

Rich Williamson is with BMM, a company that tests bingo machines worldwide. He's been sent out by the gaming manufacturer to help Warren inspect the machines. 

"It is all auditable. It is all verifiable. Every play of every game," Williamson says.

Williamson says you have to play against another person in order for these gaming machines to work. That's why he says they are different than slot machines like you'd see in Vegas, because you're not betting against a machine. 

"This is a very popular form of gaming on many tribal lands. This is very common equipment used across the country," he says. "It is bingo. It has past many tests that it is bingo. Many legal tests."

Attorney General Luther Strange would not go on camera but says "The definition of this term 'bingo,' which is the language the Macon County Amendment uses, does not include the slot machines that previously have been used at VictoryLand and other casinos"

"I know the Attorney General. I respect him very much. That's why I would never involve myself in anything that would be illegal," says Warren.

It is still unknown when VictoryLand will be reopened. The only time line we have received is from Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford who says it will be opened by Christmas. 

At one point, VictoryLand was the largest casino in Alabama with 6,000 electronic bingo machines.

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