Macon County Reacts To Wetumpka Casino Annoucement


By Lisa Blackwell


Maxwell says Macon County is in such a financial bind they have no way of offering incentives to attract new business. He says he wrote Governor Robert Bentley a letter over a year ago asking him for help. Maxwell says he's still waiting for a response.

"Let VictoryLand open or put Macon County on the list in terms of job development I hear the Governor's going everywhere announcing new jobs creating jobs in Alabama, you can create 2000 plus jobs instantly at VictoryLand right now," said Maxwell.


Willie Jordan used to work at VictoryLand doing lawn care. He's been out of work 16 months.


"It's sad you know they say Macon County and alabama it's not a gambling state, it's not a gambling community, I mean we gamble everytime we walk out the door looking for work and we lose when we get back and find no work," said Jordan.

Retired school teacher Johnnie Harrison says she used to help people get GED's who now can't get a job.

"We need jobs, our citizens here don't have any money for food and they don't have any jobs and it seems like no one is interested in it at the state level," said Harrison.


Maxwell says he is in constant contact with VictoryLand Owner Milton McGregor and he says VictoryLand will reopen soon.


"He hasn't told me when he's going to open up and I can understand that because I don't know all of the issues he's having to deal with in order to make it happen but I'm very confident that VictoryLand will be open again and we're not talking about no Christmas," said Maxwell.

Maxwell says he's going to start writing a letter to Governor Bentley everyday until he gets a response.

He says the county has lost around 4 million dollars in tax revenue since VictoryLand's casino closed.

Maxwell says unless more revenue is generated soon, the county may have to lay off more people.


As an Elmore county casino announces expansion plans, a Macon County gaming facility remains closed.

Friday Macon County officials and residents spoke out about Wind Creek Wetumpka and the future of VictoryLand.

Macon county officials and residents say while they're happy for Wetumpka, they're really hurting here for jobs and they're not giving up on VictoryLand.

Its been almost 2 years since VictoryLand casino closed it's doors. Since then Macon County has lost millions in revenue and thousands of jobs. Macon County Commission chairman Louis Maxwell says if Wetumpka can have bingo, why not Macon County?

"We're happy, we don't have any problems with the Indians because we're glad to see them improve but we are saddened that the state of alabama has put a shadow over Macon County where we have a constitutional amendment to operate electronic bingo and we're not going to take it standing still," said Maxwell.

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