"MADE" Paper Launches as Montgomery's Alternative Newspaper


By Heather VacLav

There is a new kind of newspaper for the new Montgomery, it's called "MADE" and it will focus on the creative happenings in the city.

About six thousand copies of MADE have been distributed at free locations across the greater Montgomery area. Readers can find them at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, bars and most places to kill time by reading.

The alternative city newspaper includes stories and pictures about culture, up and coming events and the best places to eat, drink and have fun.

MADE editors say they want to show innovation in the Capitol City. 

"No one knows what's going on outside their own group of friends or their own interests," said Brent Rosen, MADE editor.

"So MADE will be able to link everyone together by providing a forum where everyone will know what everyone is doing, instead of just your own group or your own interest," Rosen said.

Editor Anna Lowder says she felt the time was "right" to publish a newspaper like MADE.

"Our focus is really on arts and events, and food and drink and the culture of cool things that are going on here," Lowder said.

The paper edition of MADE is published at the beginning of each month.  The MADE Paper website will be updated throughout the day with stories about Montgomery's people and culture. 

MADE is designed and published by Matter, a Montgomery design consulting firm.

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