Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Hank Williams Jr. $15K Guitar


By Jessica Gertler

From the CBS 8 Troy Newsroom-- The Pike County Sheriff's Office says a man who stole a $15,000 guitar belonging to Hank Williams Jr. has been arrested. Adam Broach was arrested in Macon County on theft charges. Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas says at a Wayne Mills Band concert in Sheffield, Ala., a band member showed off a 1968 Gibson Les Paul custom made guitar that was given to him. Thomas says that's when Hank's Road Manager Charlie Sanderson recognized it as the one taken from Hank's property in Pike County two years ago. "He relays the information to Hank. They get together and meet in Tennessee, and they identify the guitar," says Thomas. "The guitar is then returned to Hank Williams. The investigation later begins, because they didn't even know who had taken the property and would not have known if one of Hank's employees had been at the concert." Broach faces up to ten years in prison if he's convicted.

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